You've got a lot to say

It could be company details to attract investors, product description for customers or even a new process you need to explain to your staff.


 But you can't find the words

You may be overwhelmed with the messages you're trying to get across, or you simply can't engage your audience with traditional communication routes

Let us animate the information

Animated infographics engage audiences, so they are more likely to understand, remember and act. Use them on your website, for presentations or trade shows.


The process of creating bespoke infographics is an art. The right graphics, language, motion ... it all works together to create a tool to reach and motivate your audience. 


The brief

Not everyone has the experience of briefing designers or animators. That's why we are happy to work with you to develop the best plan going forward. 

We'll discuss your needs, find out more about your plans for the animation and your intended audience, as well as any budgetary considerations. Need the video for a particular date? Tell us, and we can factor this into the planning.


The background

In order to create a unique, effective animation, but also meets the needs and taste of your audience, we will research other activity in your sector. Analysing trends and current activity will help us select the most effective graphical style and language. 

The story

The key to an effective animated infographic is a good story. At this stage we will take the information you have provided to us and shape it into a narrative that takes the user on a journey. This will be presented first in a written storyline then a visual storyboard with representative images for key scenes. 

The look and feel

By selecting the right graphic design style and elements, we can appeal directly to your audience and convey your message in an engaging and efficient way. Flat style? Iconic? Isometric? Or perhaps you'd like a stop motion film? We can help you decide which approach will appeal to your audience.

The animation

Animating the storyboard and bringing your story to life is one of our clients' favourite stages of the process. Seeing your ideas and processes turned into moving elements is an exciting time, and allows you to really appreciate the power of animation. 

Animation Information is Liz Smith and Caroline Beavon, two creatives who combine years of experience in broadcast, filmmaking, marketing, journalism and graphic design to offer a mature, professional creative service. 


Liz Smith

filmmaker / animator / marketer


Caroline Beavon profile picture.jpeg

Caroline Beavon

journalist / graphic designer / editor